Dear students who joined the first WordPress meetup in Vientiane, Laos.


It was my pleasure to get the email from Saikeo, one of the translation validator of Lao version of WordPress saying that he and the university he’d graduated would invite me to Vientiane, Laos to have a WordPress meetup.

I am very happy that I could meet all of you and that we shared my experiences.

After I got the invitation, I began thinking what I should share with you in the first WordPress meetup in Laos.

From what I heard from Saikeo,

  • there are no experienced WordPress developer at least at the meetup
  • students mainly belong to the faculty of engineering in the national university of Laos
  • you are learning programing languages such as java, VB .net and a little php
  • no WordPress courses

The wants I guessed you might have were,

  • How to install WordPress
  • How to use WordPress
  • How to create websites
  • How to make a original themes

and it turned out to be right when I asked you in the meetup.

But I did not talk anything around how-to’s or tech topics.

Instead, I decided to share the experience of mine and other WordPress people.

WordPress has changed my and my family’s life, and I know that it did so to other people’s lives. I know WordPress can do so to your lives, too.

I summarized what happened to my life after I found WordPress and brought the words by interviewing WordPress people from Asian countries who run global businesses.

I thought The most helpful thing I could pass you was the hope, passion and enthusiasm to learn WordPress and build your future by yourselves.

I talked about the time I was learning html/css/javascript/photoshop/illustrator and WordPress, which was the period I just lost my job and we were expecting our first daughter. I remember that this “no money for half a year” part was most exciting part in my talk.

I shared the words by my WordPress friends in Asian countries. One example was by Sakin from

Today, 25% of the world’s websites are in WordPress, and anyone can contribute to the ecosystem, from anywhere in the world.

This sentence was of course a surprise to the students.

You don’t have to be a hard-core programmer to be successful.
You don’t need an academic degree.
The barrier to entry is very low.

This is very true, because I’m not at all a talented programmer, I have no academic degree, and WordPress community welcomed me when I was a early stage learner.

All you need is lots of passion, and the willingness to learn.


Message from Sakin
links to the whole slideshare

I want to thank Sakin, Menn (WP companies owner in Thailand), Perth (a blogger, coder/programmer and my job partner from Thailand), and Hiromichi (CEO at digitalcube from Japan) for sending me your words.

After sharing the experiences of mine and others, I addressed 3 things I think are important for the you to learn if you want to follow the WP people.

  1. learning coding skills. html/css/javascript, php, and WordPress way.
  2. learning how to learn. finding the right resources.
  3. English

I remember the reactions you made when I said the most important thing was English. You were both surprised and a little bit disappointed. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in learning it.

From my experience, English is a really big key to open the door. And it is much more important for you, students in Laos to be able to read and speak English if we look at the amount of resources, activeness of community, and the size of market.

Here, I want to suggest you again what will make your WordPress life happier. Have a meetup group and run meetups regularly. The topics can be anything. Maybe you don’t even need a topic. You don’t need to have a teacher at the meetup. No one need to stand on stage and speak. You can just gather and learn together, share your knowledge, google things and install WordPress.

Help Needed

I want to ask the community people in the world to go to Laos and join meetups. Contact person can be me or Saikeo. Topics can be installing, translating, theming and so on!

Initial setup of Wordmove Movefile, git gitignore and gulp gulpfile.js for WordPress project

gitignore for WordPress project.

Files list to ignore.

  • .htaccess and MacOS unvisible files
  • log files
  • Configs of WordMove and wp-cli
  • sitemaps
  • backup files
  • sql dump files
  • wp-config.php
  • uploads

On remote, git repository should not be in web public area. When you init, add an option to set another place for repository files.

git init –separate-git-dir ..


git init –separate-git-dir ~/git/projectname

WordMove Movefile



  • Compile from sass directory to css directory
  • Watch changes of all php, sass/*.scss, js/*.js and reload the browser.

Getting a whole new ThemeReview environment in 1 minute using wp-cli.

I was at #wcsf14 and at theme review team table in contributor day room 🙂

Every time I begin a new theme review, I need to set up a whole new environment, ideally. People seems to do reviews in same install, same database only changing the theme.

After reading , I created this script with wp-cli commands.

What this script does is:

  1. drop all database tables
  2. install WordPress with long blog name, url, loginname, password and email
  3. core update
  4. install plugins to activate
  5. install plugins to install without activation
  6. update all plugins
  7. update all themes
  8. set the blogdescription very long
  9. set posts_per_page, thread_comments and other options to appropriate values
  10. download the theme unit test data and import it
  11. install the theme you review this time
  12. regenerate all the medias
  13. set permalink structure and generate .htaccess

How to use

save the gist script above as newreview and command below

$ ./newreview <theme-zip-url>

Generating .htaccess in step.13 requires a wp-cli.yml in your WP directory with a line apache_modules: - mod_rewrite. If you already have an .htaccess file, you don’t need to have this yml file.

This is meant to be used on your local server so please don’t put it on remote servers.

This is what you get when you run the script.

Have fun!

Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

Success: Finished importing from ./theme-unit-test-data.xml file.
Downloading install package from
Unpacking the package...
Installing the theme...
Theme installed successfully.
Activating 'spacious'...
Success: Switched to 'Spacious' theme.
Found 37 images to regenerate.
Regenerated thumbnails for "spectacles" (ID 1692).
Regenerated thumbnails for "dsc20050315_145007_132" (ID 1691).

(process omitted by shin, it regenerates many many images)

Regenerated thumbnails for "dsc20050727_091048_222" (ID 616).
Regenerated thumbnails for "canola2" (ID 611).
Success: Finished regenerating all images.

Foundation, _s, Bootstrap and Child Theme. Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, August

We had three sessions this time.

Here’s a report post by oxygenyoyo.
[Event] WordPress meet up ครั้งที่ 5 at Hubba – oxygenyoyo


The number increasing everytime…

The title of this meetup was “How to design and create theme faster and better” and so we talked about html/css/js frameworks, starter theme and child theme.

We knew that we get many audience if we have something around design as our topic, but it was more than expected. Some people couldn’t come in to the place and had to sit outside and talk there. We need to limit the registration or find a bigger place.

We plan to have many different type of topics from dev/tech to design, contribution and blogging. Next one is “blogging” and might be more people.

Community organizer group

Meetup is run by volunteer community, just the way as the other meetups are and I’m really glad at the fact we can discuss and prepare together for the coming meetups.

Thailand WordPress community organizers :)
Thailand WordPress community organizers 🙂

If you want to join this group, please contact me on twitter.

I want more people to speak

So far, the meetup and community are growing but if I have any concern, it’s about the speakers. All the speakers we’ve had in the past meetups were great and I’m sure that the next blogging meetup will be great.

But still, I think there are more people who can share their experience and thought. There will be more fun for themselves if they do some presentations. I thought there should be an easy start position to be in front of people, and at the next meetup we introduce Lightning Talk time, where people who want to do 3 to 5 minutes presentations can come and share their blogs or products. I hope this will work fine and they will be the future speakers.

About _s (underscores) and WP4.0 new features. Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, July


This time, we had  a main session about underscores (_s) by Mr. Warong (Vai Vai Soft), and sub session about the features of WordPress 4.0 which is comming soon by Mr. Perth (Designil สอนเว็บดีไซน์ HTML5 CSS3 WordPress Web Design). After the sessions, we talked and exchanged ideas of what to do in our coming Meetups.


Warong’s session was about

  • what is a theme
  • other theme frameworks such as genesis framework
  • _s is meant to be hacked.
  • how to use theme and demo

Here’s a site he made for this session, ReabReab which is based on _s and 5 files altered.

After his talk, I introduced the functions in functions.php file for the people beginning to learn WordPress theme building.

WordPress 4.0

Perth shared about the new features coming in WP 4.0.

  • How to try the latest trunk version of WordPress using WordPress Beta Tester plugin
  • Language pack
  • Admin UI changes in plugin install and media screen
  • Kitchen sink of the wp-editor will float
  • oEmbed contents will be rendered in wp-admin/post.php too
  • Customizer UI changes

I thought introducing new features of coming version can be good contents for coming meetups.

Ideas for the next and coming Meetups

After the session, we talked what topic would be interesting for the Meetup.

The next Meetup will focus on designers and we are planning to have 3 sessions about

  • bootstrap
  • foundation
  • child theme

We agreed that we organize each meetups with specific targets such as designers, bloggers, developers and end users so that we can go deeper in each topics.

Other ideas we have for coming meetups are

  • for bloggers
  • Wordkshop to translate & create child theme of .org themes to make Thai language look beautiful
  • building theme using sass
  • json rest api



Resources for learning Basic Thai language

Here’s the resources I look at when I learn thai by myself.

  1. Dictionaries online and iPhone apps
  2. Flash card app
  3. Podcasts
  4. YouTube movies

Let me know if there are more 🙂

1. Dictionaries online and iPhone apps

Thai language dot com is an online Thai-English and English-Thai dictionary.

  • It has many sample sentences.
  • You can let the site speak out the words to check the pronunciation.
  • It has the app, which is described below.
Thai Language .com

iPhone dictionary from

Thai-English Dictionary from on the App Store on iTunes is an app version of and it’s much easier to user than the original website.

Captured from the app
Captured from the app

I’ve tried other dictionary apps but it seems good for me.

  • It contains many many example sentences done by the original website.
  • Links to similar words, example sentences and other expressions.
  • It shows you the components of a word if the word you looking at is a combination of some words.
  • It shows you the tone by
    • “M” for middle tones
    • “L” for low tones
    • “F” for falling tones
    • “H” for high tones
    • “R” for rising tones

Google translate vs. Bing Translate

Google Translate has advantages like below.

  • You can listen to the pronunciation.
  • You get not only one translation but other possible words too.

Bing Translator seems that has the better ability to translate correctly when it’s a long sentence.

スクリーンショット 2014-07-14 18.04.34 スクリーンショット 2014-07-14 18.04.14

Flash Card App

 Scribe Thai

Scribe Thai is not a flash card app you can create by your own, you learn the words set by the app.

With this app, you learn Thai words by words like a game.

  • There many kinds of flash card games in it like
    • You see Thai and tell in English
    • You see English and tell it in Thai
    • Pelmanism game
    • Pairing words
  • You can display or hide Thai alphabets
  • Every time you see a word, you choose “Correct” or “Incorrect” and the app records it to optimize what to show you in the future.

It seems to have very good algorithm in it and you can learn words efficiently. The bad thing about this app is that it contains some words that native Thai people don’t use much.

3. Podcasts

I haven’t found the best one which you can listen to for free. For me, it’s ok to pay to good program but they often contain too much contents and too expensive.

I sometimes listen to these 3 podcasts.

4. YouTube Movies

Here’s some links to the movies that was recommended by my Thai teacher. I watch first with no English subtitles and with for the second time.

“a little thing called love” without English sub

“a little thing called love” with English sub

BTS Movie

How to create a theme to sell on Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, June 2014

Like the last time, we had another WordPress meetup in Thai language. The session title was “How to create a theme to sell on” and was about the things below.


and so on. Everything talked on the session by Mr.Menn is written in this article. การสร้างธีมที่เป็นมาตรฐาน และขายผ่าน « Menn Studio

Here, you can read a report of the event in Thai: สอนทำ Plugin & Theme ขายใน – WP Meetup

After the main session, I had a little talk in Thai about the WP communities in Japan. I talked about WordBench and people’s help and volunteer spirits and asked for help to organize the future meetups.

Now we have a team of 20 Thai people to organize the meetups. We are now exchanging ideas of the future meetups. I wish they will be the future leaders and there will be more events and community. I hope I can bring something similar to what I got at the community in Japan.

Looking a short look at and see how similar/different it is from .org and.
Looking a short look at and see how similar/different it is from .org and.
The next meetup will be on underscores ( _s )
Mr. Menn talked about almost all the criteria a theme need to fulfill.
Mr. Menn talked about almost all the criteria a theme need to fulfill.
After the session
The community grows slowly and nicely!
The community grows slowly and nicely!

How to create a simple plugin on Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, May

From this event, we began to organize event in Thai language so that more people can join to WordPress community in Thailand.

This time the speaker was me and I talked a little bit in Thai and rest in English. Bow helped me with translation.

Here’s the slide I used.

By changing the main language, I could see many different people in this country while we lost some who don’t speak Thai. There are people who are willing to have some in English like Julien from N2Clic and I think we need to make some effort to combine them or devide them? Let’s see what happens when I’ve done more events here.

Anyway, it was very nice that we had more people who were interested in developing things with WordPress and I could share the basic of creating plugins.


Pronto Marketing on Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, March

I joined to the second Bangkok WordPress Meet-up.

The topic was more about business model than tech, and the guests were 2 co-founder of Pronto Marketing.

Pronto Marketing is a company with 70+ employees based in Bangkok which offers website/marketing solutions for small business owners in US, Canada and other English speaking countries.

For clients, they create really nice design websites, write everything, mail customers’ customers, host WordPress and keep it always updated and more. Shortly, they do almost everything that a small business would need for their websites and give the clients time to concentrate on their own business. They charge basically $247 per month.

Here’s a video which is good to know what they do.

List of what Pronto Marketing does for their clients.
List of what Pronto Marketing does for their clients.

On efficiency

The other day, I talked with Jon Brown from Hawaii about business model WordPress people can have and he showed me an interesting blog post “In Defense of Consulting Businesses – Bill Erickson“.

Continue reading Pronto Marketing on Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, March

Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, February

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thing I really wanted to do after I come to Thailand was to have WordPress meet-ups. And it happened 🙂

Designed by Piti, a wonderful designer!

The organizers were 2 Juliens from N2Clic Ltd. and we got big help from Hubba, the venue of the meet-up.

Siobhan is a writer, who works at Audrey Capital, which is an angel investment and research company created by Matt Mullenweg. I had seen her speech in WordCamp Sanfrancisco 2013 on and never thought I was meeting her in Bangkok 🙂

Here’s the video.

Here are other resources about her.

The talk title was “Get involved in WordPress”, was about how to contribute to WordPress and here’s a list of hows (I made memo of the talk but couldn’t write them all so I researched by myself too. It’s a bit different from Siobhan’s talk.)

And here are 2 more links which are good for new contributors and designers.

Bug Reports page contains links to somehow easy tickets for new contributors
Components list of core development going on.

It was really nice that I could talk to Juliens, Bryan, Menn and all the other WP people, Thank you~ 🙂

We went to eat dim sum after the talk and it was a nice night.


Can’t wait for the next time!