My first "TO GO"!

Meeting Kat again this time in Bangkok

I want to make my days like

  • wake up at 5-6 in the morning and do emails and what’s today’s work
  • breakfast
  • learning Thai a bit. like 10minutes
  • go to hubba at 9, when there’s almost nobody yet
  • lunch with other people or family
  • work until 5-6 in the evening and come back home to see kids & putting them into bath tab
  • kids go to bed at the latest 9, maybe 8.

So far, we are far from the life like above, for  we have too many things to do, many jobs to be done and not enough time. Kids are always around us and they make us happy and tired.

I met Kat-san again. She was my Thai teacher in Tokyo and she is now in Bangkok until new year. She is also a blogger. and are a few of her websites. She’s writing a Japan’s guide book for Thai people. We talked if we can share our job and knowledge each other.

My first "TO GO"!
My first “TO GO”!

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