Half day with kids, half day work.

Mari went to see PR company people to the city in the morning,  and while she was away from home, I took care of the kids.

Yesterday night, we went to Toysrus in Rama IV and beside the toy store, I found a “office mate” where they sell electronic equipments, pens and whiteboard and all the other office stuff. There, we got an HDMI cable to connect our TV to the Christmas present our little boy won at Hubba Christmas party.

So, I could let the children watch “Curious George” and “Finding Nemo” movie.

The Apple TV is really nice not only for child caring but also for our family life. We danced much with “Sister Act” tonight:)

After lunch a friend of ours came to our house with their house keeper so that we can hire her. She was so good at negotiation that I couldn’t help laughing when she said “Pay me even if I’m sick and can’t come to work because I need to pay for the hospital”.

It’s not just funny and I need to take it half seriously for it’s going to happen all the time in my business too.

It seems that, maybe, they demand payments for not just in exchange for their actual work time, but  for their & their family’s living.

It’s hard to get enough time to work for kids are always at home. This is the point of truth I need to do my best.

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