UpgradeThai visit, surface mail arrival, christmas eve.

Visited Upgrade Thai in the morning to talk about a new project. The boy of Shirai-san had a very cute dog. I must take my kids there sometime.

Our surface mail luggage finally arrived.
Kid’s bicycle and all the toys, guitar and ukulele, books and iMac, dishes, our family credo board and everything. They made our house a home.

Children seemed very happy to have their toys for they’ve had little to play with.

Our daughter wrote a letter to Santa to put beside the tree, set a cup of coffee for Santa to drink and rest, put one cake for Santa to enjoy our home. And she even arranged 10 pieces of cookies for the reindeer.

After children fell asleep, we put the present, drank the coffee and ate the cookies. Reindeer are 7, the left cookies are 3.

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