Guest from Japan, UX course at Hubba, worked much.

I had guest from Japan. 4 boys visited me. I took them to a famous Thai food restaurant, สบายใจไก่ย่าง. They buy things in Thailand and sell them in Japan.

There was a nice presentation about UX at Hubba. It’s really nice to have this kind of opportunity for I can re-think about the way how I work.

photo from Aim's timeline on facebook
photo from Aim’s timeline on facebook

I talked to people in Hubba that I want to have a WordPress small meet-up and community. Aim the owner of Hubba told me that there a WordPress geek at Hubba and they would introduce her to me. Nice.

At home, we had a late christmas party. We sang songs and ate cake:)

Since I moved to Bangkok, I didn’t have enough time to do my works. It was the day before a big deadline and I needed to sit up until morning.


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