Hangout mtg, seeing friend’s grand-ma, met a WordPress geek at Hubba, went to #HubbaBarcrawl

I had a hangout meeting with my client in Japan. They say that it’s really cold in Toyama, Japan. It’s snowing and one man said that he caught cold. I come up on their screen with a T-shirt on me, nice green garden behind me and bird song as BGM 😮

I and my family went to see a friend’s grand mother and ate lunch together while our friend was out in Taiwan and Hong-Kong for his business. Children seemed happy to run around in the garden and to talk with a Obaachan.

Aim introduced to me Bow, who works for clients using WordPress. I talked about community activities in Japan and told that I want to have similar community here, too. Fortunately, we can do it together and I’m really happy.

At night Aim took us to Barcrawl, which is an event Aim take Hubba people to 9 bars and clubs local people go & drink & dance. I absolutely drank too much but it was really interesting to see Thai people drink around. Amazing that all the bars and clubs are so nice and big and bright and rich and expensive. You can see the economy here is growing and people are enjoying the growth.

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