a restart

I restart this blog.


  • Released websites and a blog of my client in Japan
  • Preparing a website package for Japanese companies in Thailand, which is going to be my second step of my business in Thailand
  • Joined a organizer group of WordPress Meet-up in Bagnkok
  • Looking for a nice Thai language school
  • Will restart to learn Thai on my own 15 minutes per day
  • Working with Simba Russeau, who I met at Hubba

What I do in February

I noticed that I used to learn more when I was in Japan. This month, I try to get familiar with below.

About Genesis Framework

Genesis is a WordPress framework.

I was working on my original theme. A theme to be the parent theme of my future works and here is the concept image.

click the image to see detail
  • many original action / filter hooks
  • widget areas everywhere
  • custom menus everywhere
  • compatible with breadcrumb / pagination plugin

This was intended to be easy to customize, no html coding and less php coding. Now, here is the structure of Genesis plugin.

click image to see the captioned web page.
click image to see the captioned web page.

The concept looks very similar. They’ve gone far.

They have a community and plenty of child themes. Nice to know that there were people who thought similar as I did. To avoid reinventing something and to learn from former efforts and ideas, I will have a look at the theme, the child themes and documentations.

Vagrant VCCW

VCCW is for Vagrant Chef CentOS WordPress.

This is a work of Takayuki Miyauchi and it’s focused on building themes and plugins. I’ll try VVV too.

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