Bogo, another WordPress multi language plugin.

A multi language plugin, Bogo.

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Author and the plugin name

The author is Takayuki Miyoshi, the author of the Contact Form 7.

The name Bogo comes from a Japanese word 母語, which means mother tongue.

I love the concept

I have used other multi language plugins such as qTranslate and I have tested WPML.

The biggest difference of the Bogo compared to the others are,

  • Bogo uses the built-in multi language feature of WordPress
  • Bogo doesn’t add any new tables to the DB
  • And so, less conflicts with other plugins

The built in multi language of WordPerss

WordPress is now translated into many language including Japanese, Thai and all the other languages listed here. It’s based on the gettext software and the work of localization team in each languages.

Bogo expands this capability to let you easily build a multilingual blog on a single WordPress install.

The plugin checks what language files are installed in the WordPress and provides the features below.

  • enables you to switch the admin panel language
  • enables you to create new post for each article
  • provides language switcher widget
  • gives you a short code tag ‘[bogo]’

How it looks

You will have language switcher menu on the tool bar.

スクリーンショット 2014-02-16 16.42.24

Here’s how it looks like when I switch the languages.

スクリーンショット 2014-02-16 16.43.04
スクリーンショット 2014-02-16 16.43.09
スクリーンショット 2014-02-16 16.43.25

You will get a new meta box on your post-new.php/post.php pages to make a new post of the existing post.



Users can switch languages through clicking links provided by widget and short code.

Bogo widget and short code

Uris works as below.

I installed a Japanese version of the WordPress which has define(‘WP_LANG’, ‘ja’); in the config file.

Front page

– home page in Japanese: bogo.loc
– home page in English: bogo.loc/en/
– homepage in Thai: bogo.loc/th/

?p=1 post

– ?p=1 post in Japanese: bogo.loc/archives/1
– English translation of the ?p=1 post: bogo.loc/en/archives/27
– Thai translation of the ?p=1 post: bogo.loc/th/archives/32

When I get rid of the WP_LANG or change it into ‘th’, which means Thai, then the uri loses its /en/ or /th/,  and Japanese pages got /ja/ just after the home_url.

Other notes

I really like the simplicity of this plugin and want to use it for my projects and clients’ web site. Before I do, I need to try these

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