Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, February

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One thing I really wanted to do after I come to Thailand was to have WordPress meet-ups. And it happened 🙂

Designed by Piti, a wonderful designer!

The organizers were 2 Juliens from N2Clic Ltd. and we got big help from Hubba, the venue of the meet-up.

Siobhan is a writer, who works at Audrey Capital, which is an angel investment and research company created by Matt Mullenweg. I had seen her speech in WordCamp Sanfrancisco 2013 on and never thought I was meeting her in Bangkok 🙂

Here’s the video.

Here are other resources about her.

The talk title was “Get involved in WordPress”, was about how to contribute to WordPress and here’s a list of hows (I made memo of the talk but couldn’t write them all so I researched by myself too. It’s a bit different from Siobhan’s talk.)

And here are 2 more links which are good for new contributors and designers.

Bug Reports page contains links to somehow easy tickets for new contributors
Components list of core development going on.

It was really nice that I could talk to Juliens, Bryan, Menn and all the other WP people, Thank you~ 🙂

We went to eat dim sum after the talk and it was a nice night.


Can’t wait for the next time!

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