This is how they manage the work

Pronto Marketing on Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, March

I joined to the second Bangkok WordPress Meet-up.

The topic was more about business model than tech, and the guests were 2 co-founder of Pronto Marketing.

Pronto Marketing is a company with 70+ employees based in Bangkok which offers website/marketing solutions for small business owners in US, Canada and other English speaking countries.

For clients, they create really nice design websites, write everything, mail customers’ customers, host WordPress and keep it always updated and more. Shortly, they do almost everything that a small business would need for their websites and give the clients time to concentrate on their own business. They charge basically $247 per month.

Here’s a video which is good to know what they do.

List of what Pronto Marketing does for their clients.
List of what Pronto Marketing does for their clients.

On efficiency

The other day, I talked with Jon Brown from Hawaii about business model WordPress people can have and he showed me an interesting blog post “In Defense of Consulting Businesses – Bill Erickson“.

At conferences and meetings with other freelancers, a common desire I hear is to shift more of their revenue from “trade-time-for-money” services to “mailbox-money / scalable” products.

On this post, he describes how people shift from time-for-money working style to scalable model of selling products. And this is what we all are interested in when you have worked a few years in the time-for-money model. It’s interesting to read that he writes

All businesses fall somewhere in the middle.

– middle of time-for-money style and the scalable model, and also that you can improve your time-for-money work style more efficient/scalable by experiencing more, reusing what you have developed and raising your charge properly.

Pronto’s way

Latter half of their talk was how they manage their business and I understood it as the way of making everything efficient, reproducible and scalable.

  • Offer best practices and limit too much customizations
  • Use existing great products such as plugins, bootstrap, _s,  recipes and all the other knowledge you can find on the internet
  • Fix price
  • Manage the way of support communication and visualize clients’ satisfaction
  • Be specialist on certain market like medical industry, fitness, legal business and so on to make the knowledge of the market reusable
  • Make a reusable WordPress theme
  • Write clean codes and use good plugins to make WP updates easy

I think those what-to-do in the list above is something we already know that we need to do, but at the same time, those are something we can not thoroughly do.

For example, I tend to say too much “Yes, I can”s when my clients ask me if I can put something more on the website. And I often can’t reply quickly to them. And I work with various clients like house makers, advertisement companies, NGOs and local governments and so, every time I begin some work, I need to learn things from the beginning.

So the great point is that they have focused on it for years, made a team to execute it and improve it.

Efficiency and quality

Making things efficient means that you make websites in shorter time. People might think that it’s putting everything in the same procedures and getting similar output and so, they offer a package which is not customized for you. But if a company has this efficiency and they are able to build things in shorter time, it means that they will spend more time to get good design, research, contents and other things to make the website good.

Of course there will be a limitation in what they can do with their style but if the package/services fits what a customers need, I thought it’s better to hire them than hiring someone spends more time but get worse output.

The team

Last year, I visited Pronto’s old office to say hello. And I saw how  happily people at the office were working. Here’s some of the pictures of the team. They have moved their office but we can see how good place it is to work at.

On the board is the concept sheet of the theme they need to build website quickly and beautifully, drawn by Derek Brown
On the board is the concept drawn by Derek Brown about a theme as a framework they’re building at that time.
Time box model is used to manage their marketing works too
Time box to manage their marketing works
70+ people are working separated in teams like supports, design, contents managing workflow and so on.
70+ people are working separated in teams such as support, design, contents, management and so on.
Developer team. At that time, they were set-upping a new server, testing and creating a new theme as framework.
Developer team. At that time, they were set-upping a new server, testing and creating a new framework-theme.
This is how they manage the work
This is how they manage the work
Defenition of Done :)
Defenition of Done 🙂

If you are interested in working with this team, here’s the recruiting site which has a video and more information.

The meet-up

It was really nice that they shared the way they’d built the business and what they do now. Business is growing and the product they provide is getting better everyday.

For me, this meet-up gave me a chance to re-think about what I’m doing everyday and how I can change the way of working.

Thank you Pronto Marketing, Julien from N2Clic who organized this event and Hubba who gave us a nice place.

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