Resources for learning Basic Thai language

Here’s the resources I look at when I learn thai by myself.

  1. Dictionaries online and iPhone apps
  2. Flash card app
  3. Podcasts
  4. YouTube movies

Let me know if there are more 🙂

1. Dictionaries online and iPhone apps

Thai language dot com is an online Thai-English and English-Thai dictionary.

  • It has many sample sentences.
  • You can let the site speak out the words to check the pronunciation.
  • It has the app, which is described below.
Thai Language .com

iPhone dictionary from

Thai-English Dictionary from on the App Store on iTunes is an app version of and it’s much easier to user than the original website.

Captured from the app
Captured from the app

I’ve tried other dictionary apps but it seems good for me.

  • It contains many many example sentences done by the original website.
  • Links to similar words, example sentences and other expressions.
  • It shows you the components of a word if the word you looking at is a combination of some words.
  • It shows you the tone by
    • “M” for middle tones
    • “L” for low tones
    • “F” for falling tones
    • “H” for high tones
    • “R” for rising tones

Google translate vs. Bing Translate

Google Translate has advantages like below.

  • You can listen to the pronunciation.
  • You get not only one translation but other possible words too.

Bing Translator seems that has the better ability to translate correctly when it’s a long sentence.

スクリーンショット 2014-07-14 18.04.34 スクリーンショット 2014-07-14 18.04.14

Flash Card App

 Scribe Thai

Scribe Thai is not a flash card app you can create by your own, you learn the words set by the app.

With this app, you learn Thai words by words like a game.

  • There many kinds of flash card games in it like
    • You see Thai and tell in English
    • You see English and tell it in Thai
    • Pelmanism game
    • Pairing words
  • You can display or hide Thai alphabets
  • Every time you see a word, you choose “Correct” or “Incorrect” and the app records it to optimize what to show you in the future.

It seems to have very good algorithm in it and you can learn words efficiently. The bad thing about this app is that it contains some words that native Thai people don’t use much.

3. Podcasts

I haven’t found the best one which you can listen to for free. For me, it’s ok to pay to good program but they often contain too much contents and too expensive.

I sometimes listen to these 3 podcasts.

4. YouTube Movies

Here’s some links to the movies that was recommended by my Thai teacher. I watch first with no English subtitles and with for the second time.

“a little thing called love” without English sub

“a little thing called love” with English sub

BTS Movie

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