About _s (underscores) and WP4.0 new features. Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, July


This time, we had  a main session about underscores (_s) by Mr. Warong (Vai Vai Soft), and sub session about the features of WordPress 4.0 which is comming soon by Mr. Perth (Designil สอนเว็บดีไซน์ HTML5 CSS3 WordPress Web Design). After the sessions, we talked and exchanged ideas of what to do in our coming Meetups.


Warong’s session was about

  • what is a theme
  • other theme frameworks such as genesis framework
  • _s is meant to be hacked.
  • how to use theme and demo

Here’s a site he made for this session, ReabReab which is based on _s and 5 files altered.

After his talk, I introduced the functions in functions.php file for the people beginning to learn WordPress theme building.

WordPress 4.0

Perth shared about the new features coming in WP 4.0.

  • How to try the latest trunk version of WordPress using WordPress Beta Tester plugin
  • Language pack
  • Admin UI changes in plugin install and media screen
  • Kitchen sink of the wp-editor will float
  • oEmbed contents will be rendered in wp-admin/post.php too
  • Customizer UI changes

I thought introducing new features of coming version can be good contents for coming meetups.

Ideas for the next and coming Meetups

After the session, we talked what topic would be interesting for the Meetup.

The next Meetup will focus on designers and we are planning to have 3 sessions about

  • bootstrap
  • foundation
  • child theme

We agreed that we organize each meetups with specific targets such as designers, bloggers, developers and end users so that we can go deeper in each topics.

Other ideas we have for coming meetups are

  • for bloggers
  • Wordkshop to translate & create child theme of .org themes to make Thai language look beautiful
  • building theme using sass
  • json rest api



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