Foundation, _s, Bootstrap and Child Theme. Bangkok WordPress Meet-up, August

We had three sessions this time.

Here’s a report post by oxygenyoyo.
[Event] WordPress meet up ครั้งที่ 5 at Hubba – oxygenyoyo


The number increasing everytime…

The title of this meetup was “How to design and create theme faster and better” and so we talked about html/css/js frameworks, starter theme and child theme.

We knew that we get many audience if we have something around design as our topic, but it was more than expected. Some people couldn’t come in to the place and had to sit outside and talk there. We need to limit the registration or find a bigger place.

We plan to have many different type of topics from dev/tech to design, contribution and blogging. Next one is “blogging” and might be more people.

Community organizer group

Meetup is run by volunteer community, just the way as the other meetups are and I’m really glad at the fact we can discuss and prepare together for the coming meetups.

Thailand WordPress community organizers :)
Thailand WordPress community organizers 🙂

If you want to join this group, please contact me on twitter.

I want more people to speak

So far, the meetup and community are growing but if I have any concern, it’s about the speakers. All the speakers we’ve had in the past meetups were great and I’m sure that the next blogging meetup will be great.

But still, I think there are more people who can share their experience and thought. There will be more fun for themselves if they do some presentations. I thought there should be an easy start position to be in front of people, and at the next meetup we introduce Lightning Talk time, where people who want to do 3 to 5 minutes presentations can come and share their blogs or products. I hope this will work fine and they will be the future speakers.

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