About me

I used to work in Japan as web site and web app developer mainly using WordPress.

I moved to Bangkok with my wife and 2 kids.


My projects

Here’s a few of my projects. All of theme are something about WordPress.


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This is a blog hosting service which provides users with a private, password protected blog.

Parents write diary of their parenting and kids growth in a safe way.

It’s a Japanese service.

Immigration podcast

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This is a podcast / internet-radio program that I talk about almost everything about immigration to Thailand with my wife, friends and those who run business in Bangkok.

It’s been downloaded 14,593 times and it’s growing:)

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BookPress enables you to publish your existing blog contents as eBooks.

WordCamp Tokyo 2012

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I organized the WordCamp Tokyo 2012.

Teaching WordPress

WordPress seminar for web designers

Web creators get more job and earn more if they can develop WordPress theme. This course is for those who works as web designer using html/css/js and no WordPress.

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WordPress beginner course

This one is for the very beginner. I taught how to install WordPress, how to post, how to change theme, how to add plugins and customize the blog/site.

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Shinichi Nishikawa’s

This is my tech blog. I write mainly about WordPress.

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Colog Blog

This blog is run by me and my wife. It’s about parenting, education and kids stuff.

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Life on Ogi island


Other Works

Cheer Nippon!

“Cheer Nippon!” was a soccer game event held as 3.11 charity match.

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  1. Hi Shinichi-san. Thanks for your comments about Bogo plugin. I am an American living in Japan and I have to program bilingual websites sometimes. I think its really cool that you organized the Tokyo WordCamp in 2012. I hope to meet you someday if I ever get to Thailand!

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