Hubba again, Daughter’s kindergarten trial

Worked at Hubba again. Hubba is running a free promotion month and it costs nothing to use the coworking space:)

Went to lunch with the coworkers.


My daughter had a one day trial at a Kindergarten.

She cried much and we had to leave her crying 🙁

When she came back, she was fine and seemed to have had a good time there. Kindergarten research continues.

In the evening, I went to a hospital to get health check.

There was a pianist in the hospital lobby.
There was a pianist in the hospital lobby.

Coworking space Hubba Thailand. Lunch with Sunny

Hubba Thailand is a very nice coworking space.

This is the place that made me decide to move to this country.

I met a Thai, Sunny. He was developing a real estate accomodation site and he was looking for Japanese people who help his translation, attending customers. I’ll send him a list and have discussion soon.

He gave me a list of international schools too and that was much longer than the list we already have had.

Noodle we ate together. 50B
Noodle we ate together. 50B

Went to Saku Trading.

I went to Saku Trading. I develop a website for them.

They gave me a workspace in their office:)

Tanaka-san took me for lunch to the best Kawpat place.

Dinner was full of osashimi, sake and shochu and had nice time:)

Wife and kids went to see Kobato kindergarten and SP kindergarten. Children of the kindergartens were absent for the “Political Situation“. I hope the protest will be over soon.

Shopping, taking kids to Benchasiri Park, pool and seeing condominiums to rent

Went to Robinson in Asok to buy…

  • swim wear for parents ( old ones are in shipping service cargo 😮 )
  • new shoes for kids

Shoes were nice looking but Micky Mouse one is already broken. Maybe it’s better buy them in Japan?

We took kids to Benchasiri Park near PhromPhong station. There are two kids areas with slides, swings, see-saw and others.

Next was the swimming pool. It’s too cold for adults but it was enough for kids with water and their favorite swim wear and swim rings:)

We went to see condominiums.


Visiting nursery school, skype meeting with Japanese clients and seeing Ken.

Woke up at 5:30 in the morning and worked a bit. It’s good to have time for coding and mailing people very early. Much concentration.

Visited ABC nursery and kindergaten.

A.B.C. play gound nursery and kindergaten
A.B.C. play gound nursery and kindergaten

Kids were on the Chirsmas party dance lesson. Wife went to see another international kindergarten.

Skype meeting with Oscar people went well with Wi-Fi of Nikko Cafe.

Nikko Cafe
Nikko Cafe

Worked at THE COFFEE SHOP near Ekkamai.

THE COFFEE SHOP near the Ekkamai BTS station.
THE COFFEE SHOP near the Ekkamai BTS station.

Had a meeting with Ken who runs anngle 角度を変えてタイからアジアを覗くウェブマガジン. Went to Araton.

Talked about WordPress meetup and so on.

Day of Arrival

Arrived from Tokyo Haneda.

Just before boarding
Just before boarding

Arrival time was 5 in the morning I and my wife were tired for kids didn’t sleep well.

Ate breakfast at the hotel.

Bought a Nokia mobile for domestic phone call. Checked iPhone5S. Top-uped my mobile Wi-Fi SIM.

Devices I bring out.
Devices I bring out.

Went to the Embassy of Japan to talk about my VISA paper.

Went to Home to see Shirai san for business talk.

I was too tired to do other works and slept at 9 PM.