Hangout, christmas party.

Had a Google Hangout mtg with client in Japan. Mariko joined for the first time.

At Hubba, they had a christmas party and we joined it with kids having presents to exchange.

Around 20 people surrounded a big christmas tree, we introduced ourselves, had a game called “KING” which is exactly the same as “Ohsama Game” in Japan, exchanged present and ate snacks.


Children also enjoyed although they understand no English or Thai.

Our boy won the Apple TV, which was a special present from Hubba.


Ace, a guy who has his office and staff in Hubba gave me a link to a facebook page of a bike shop where I can buy a new bicycle in Bangkok. He even told Mariko that bike is really nice for my health and it will save taxi cost.

Working with my wife.

Me and my wife are going on quite smoothly together.

I teach her about many things around web, she helps me with what I’m bad at like progress control, accounting and documentation.

We went to สบายใจไก่ย่าง to eat lunch. While eating we had our Thai text book and learned a bit.

After my kids come back home, I took the daughter to Hubba, she was jumping on the trampoline and was running around the yard with a Thai kid.

The WordPress event which is going to be on Saturday has now nine people to come. Good number of persons we can talk much and they’ll know much about WordPress.

My goal of this event for Saturday is that attendee get more interested in WordPress and they can make a new / another try with WordPress.


Conversation on Facebook with my friend reminded me of the “AntiFragile” concept.

It’s a counter concept of fragile, and it’s not depending on one thing and getting more flexible, learningful with mobility.

For me, this is something about how to earn money and support my families. For my kids it’s about how they learn and how they will be able to choose things from how much of choices.

It’s really important to know I don’t know.

Anyway, I have so much work to do. almost too much…

Saku Trading, Hubba work, Sunny & K.K.

Went to Saku trading to check the web site I building.

Worked at Hubba.

Today’s highlight was meeting Sunny and K.K.

Sunny is a Thai guy with Indian background. He is an engineer and his plan & new web system and his vision seemed really good.

K.K. is a Japanese web developer who runs his own business in Bangkok. Their specialities are pretty close and maybe they can work together?

Ginger, Hubba with my girl and Saito-san

Me and my wife met Ginger at Emporium, thanks for Toyo-nao.

We met for the first time and I hope we keep in touch.

I took my daughter to Hubba after the kindergarten 2 days in a row. I work, she does her coloring desney princess book and Hiragana learning.

There were another Thai girl who were around 5-6 years old and they got friends. My daughter talks only Japanese and the Thai girl talks only Thai but they seemed fine.


Saito san also came to Hubba and he and my family went to a Thai restaurant which is our favorite.

My daughter cried again when saying bye-bye to Saito san.

Meeting Kat again this time in Bangkok

I want to make my days like

  • wake up at 5-6 in the morning and do emails and what’s today’s work
  • breakfast
  • learning Thai a bit. like 10minutes
  • go to hubba at 9, when there’s almost nobody yet
  • lunch with other people or family
  • work until 5-6 in the evening and come back home to see kids & putting them into bath tab
  • kids go to bed at the latest 9, maybe 8.

So far, we are far from the life like above, for  we have too many things to do, many jobs to be done and not enough time. Kids are always around us and they make us happy and tired.

I met Kat-san again. She was my Thai teacher in Tokyo and she is now in Bangkok until new year. She is also a blogger. and are a few of her websites. She’s writing a Japan’s guide book for Thai people. We talked if we can share our job and knowledge each other.

My first "TO GO"!
My first “TO GO”!