Moved to new apartment!

After more than 10 days of searching for a room for our family, we finally moved to a nice room.

The reason we chose this room although we found cheaper and nearer to station rooms.

  • 1 minutes walk to coworking space
  • winds go through the rooms if the windows open
  • sun light comes in very much
  • new & clean
  • white and clear, not black and not too “rich & cool”

We went to buy bed linen, trash box, clothes drying frame, chopping board, pots and pans and other many things alike.

Then, went to Hubba to do the Nagai-san job. I don’t have the internet connection or tv in the room yet. There’s nothing in our room, just 4 of us and we are happy so far ๐Ÿ™‚

Went to Siam Complex for a mtg, watched the protesters’ marching in Promphong, working hard at Hubba.

I went to Siam Complex for the first time to meet a company which a friend of mine introduced me.

On the way to the company there came a marching troupe of protesters, the yellow shirts.

Here’s the video I recorded with my iPhone.

People seemed having fun to march waving hands or flags, it was like an oMatsuri.


Hubba again

I went to Hubba again and worked pretty long and hard. 50 commits or something.

Deciding the apartment and the kindergarten.

We had another look at the rooms in Bangkok this time around Thonglor, the nearest station to the Kindergarten.

We’ve decided to choose the one in Ekkamai we’d found the last time watching rooms,ย , which we think the best.

There were more rooms in Thonglor with nearer station and cool, beautiful furnitures and facilities but we chose this for it feels really nice to be in this room and the wind going through the rooms and it’s so bright in the rooms.

And it’s nice to be near to the Hubba Thailand, the coworking space which I began to dream of working in Bangkok.

Met Kezuka-san.

I and my wife met Kezuka san who runs companies in Tokyo, Bangkok andย Ho Chi Minh.

I found him around May when I was researching about the internet circumstance in Bangkok and Thailand, contacted him via facebook and he advised me a lot.

Talked about web site development and internet marketing in Bangkok.

My wife also joined into the conversation as a ex-PR consultant:) and, our kids were together running around us all the time.

We really need to decide which kindergarten to let the children play at.

I met him at night too went to Fuji-don and Araton in Thonglor.

Famous & Classical Japanese comic for boys translated into Thail
Famous & Classical Japanese comic for boys translated into Thail

Kids went to see a Japanese Kindergarten and I had a Skype mtg with Japanese company.

Kids went to see a Japanese Kindergarten and they seemed to have found it very good.

I had a discussion with my wife and our parents what kind of education they should get in this country. Is is good to go to ordinary Japan style kindergarten with Japanese teachers, friends and everything when you are living outside of Japan?

Another point is that “International Kindergartens” have almost all Japanese students in their class and I wonder if you can call that situation an “International”. Of course teachers speak only English and kids will learn it and that’s good. But I have kind of strange feeling about letting my kids go there.

You can learn languages a lot if you really want and need. The most important point is, I think, to show them how we, the parents manage our studies, money, relationship with others and everything in this country.

I’m not very sure about this but the Kindergarten they went to see today was a large high-quality and nice people one. We can change next year if needed.

I had a Skype mtg with Japanese company. It’s really hard to get all the jobs fine in this busy situation, the beginning of the life in Bangkok. It’s getting a bit late from the schedule and I need to drive harder.

Kids got new friends, seeing rooms in Ekkamai, skype to Japan and it’s the King’s birthday

My grand mother introduced me a lady living in Thailand for years with her husband and 2 girls. The lady was a Iai-do pupil of my grand-ma.

We went to Benchasiri Park and then cafe.

Had a second condominium tour, this time around Ekkamai. Seems that the real estate man brought much better rooms than the first time.

I had a online video mtg with my co-bookwriter. This time not skype but facebook video something.

It was the birthday of the King of Thailand. The protest movement were a bit calm and there were fireworks everywhere in Bangkok city.

Here’s the mp4 of the fireworks:)

We began to learn Thai alphabets from yesterday. 15 minutes a day. Let’s see what will happen after continueing for 6 month of studying.

I and my wife study Thai, our daughter studies Japanese Hiragana.
I and my wife study Thai, our daughter studies Japanese Hiragana.

Hubba again, Daughter’s kindergarten trial

Worked at Hubba again. Hubba is running a free promotion month and it costs nothing to use the coworking space:)

Went to lunch with the coworkers.


My daughter had a one day trial at a Kindergarten.

She cried much and we had to leave her crying ๐Ÿ™

When she came back, she was fine and seemed to have had a good time there. Kindergarten research continues.

In the evening, I went to a hospital to get health check.

There was a pianist in the hospital lobby.
There was a pianist in the hospital lobby.

Coworking space Hubba Thailand. Lunch with Sunny

Hubba Thailand is a very nice coworking space.

This is the place that made me decide to move to this country.

I met a Thai, Sunny. He was developing a real estate accomodation site and he was looking for Japanese people who help his translation, attending customers. I’ll send him a list and have discussion soon.

He gave me a list of international schools too and that was much longer than the list we already have had.

Noodle we ate together. 50B
Noodle we ate together. 50B

Went to Saku Trading.

I went to Saku Trading. I develop a website for them.

They gave me a workspace in their office:)

Tanaka-san took me for lunch to the best Kawpat place.

Dinner was full of osashimi, sake and shochu and had nice time:)

Wife and kids went to see Kobato kindergarten and SP kindergarten. Children of the kindergartens were absent for the “Political Situation“. I hope the protest will be over soon.