Found a nice Thai restaurant and café, Thai lesson in Hubba and the rest WordPress theme development

I’m developing 6 WordPress themes at the same time for one client and it’s really hard that I can do almost nothing more than them. I wake up and WordPress, I eat lunch and WordPress and WordPress before sleep.

I met a friend and went for lunch. I came to know him at the WordPress meet-up. He’d read the anngle post. He took me to a very nice Thai restaurant.


They have many pots and pans full of delicious Thai foods and we choose from them what we want on our plate or bowl. It costs only 50-70 Baht. It’s a little bit more expensive than other restaurants but it’s much more delicious.

He took me to a nice cafe too.


The cafe people were really nice. They had Japanese elementary school desk and chair set, which they’ve bought at a second hand store. Other stuff in this cafe were pretty and nice.

I’ll take my wife here when kids go to kindergarten, that is, next year.

I had a Thai lesson presented by the coworking space staff. It was really nice that they had a special paper fot the class and very kind and patient. Nice that we can ask everything.

I write Thai alphabets every night but my problem is that I don’t have enough opportunity to talk Thai. I need to do something about this big problem. Maybe having a Youtube program of Thai lesson?

Hangout, christmas party.

Had a Google Hangout mtg with client in Japan. Mariko joined for the first time.

At Hubba, they had a christmas party and we joined it with kids having presents to exchange.

Around 20 people surrounded a big christmas tree, we introduced ourselves, had a game called “KING” which is exactly the same as “Ohsama Game” in Japan, exchanged present and ate snacks.


Children also enjoyed although they understand no English or Thai.

Our boy won the Apple TV, which was a special present from Hubba.


Ace, a guy who has his office and staff in Hubba gave me a link to a facebook page of a bike shop where I can buy a new bicycle in Bangkok. He even told Mariko that bike is really nice for my health and it will save taxi cost.

Ginger, Hubba with my girl and Saito-san

Me and my wife met Ginger at Emporium, thanks for Toyo-nao.

We met for the first time and I hope we keep in touch.

I took my daughter to Hubba after the kindergarten 2 days in a row. I work, she does her coloring desney princess book and Hiragana learning.

There were another Thai girl who were around 5-6 years old and they got friends. My daughter talks only Japanese and the Thai girl talks only Thai but they seemed fine.


Saito san also came to Hubba and he and my family went to a Thai restaurant which is our favorite.

My daughter cried again when saying bye-bye to Saito san.

Moved to new apartment!

After more than 10 days of searching for a room for our family, we finally moved to a nice room.

The reason we chose this room although we found cheaper and nearer to station rooms.

  • 1 minutes walk to coworking space
  • winds go through the rooms if the windows open
  • sun light comes in very much
  • new & clean
  • white and clear, not black and not too “rich & cool”

We went to buy bed linen, trash box, clothes drying frame, chopping board, pots and pans and other many things alike.

Then, went to Hubba to do the Nagai-san job. I don’t have the internet connection or tv in the room yet. There’s nothing in our room, just 4 of us and we are happy so far 🙂

Went to Siam Complex for a mtg, watched the protesters’ marching in Promphong, working hard at Hubba.

I went to Siam Complex for the first time to meet a company which a friend of mine introduced me.

On the way to the company there came a marching troupe of protesters, the yellow shirts.

Here’s the video I recorded with my iPhone.

People seemed having fun to march waving hands or flags, it was like an oMatsuri.


Hubba again

I went to Hubba again and worked pretty long and hard. 50 commits or something.

Day of Arrival

Arrived from Tokyo Haneda.

Just before boarding
Just before boarding

Arrival time was 5 in the morning I and my wife were tired for kids didn’t sleep well.

Ate breakfast at the hotel.

Bought a Nokia mobile for domestic phone call. Checked iPhone5S. Top-uped my mobile Wi-Fi SIM.

Devices I bring out.
Devices I bring out.

Went to the Embassy of Japan to talk about my VISA paper.

Went to Home to see Shirai san for business talk.

I was too tired to do other works and slept at 9 PM.